AEW Has ‘A Good Deal’ On TNT Deal Even With Low Ratings

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AEW’s upcoming show on TNT is starting on October 2nd and they have a lot of fans excited, but how much is All Elite Wrestling making out of the deal.

Dave Meltzer broke this down on Wrestling Observer Radio. He said that AEW has a bottom number that they will be getting from TNT via ad revenue splitting. This number could go up, but the guarantee they are getting is not as much as WWE is getting from USA Network to air NXT.

“The AEW number as far as how much they’re making depending on ad splits which are driven by a number of factors, but ratings being by far the most important so with big ratings AEW will make very good money. With bad ratings, they have a bottom, there’s a guarantee and it’s still a good deal even with lower ratings, but it won’t be as good a deal as the USA deal for NXT if the ratings aren’t good.”

WWE is making around $30 million a year for NXT on the USA Network. AEW might not be making as much, but to secure a deal on TNT like they have is still a very fine accomplishment.

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