Corey Graves Makes Joke About Taking Picture With Carmella While On Vacation

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Corey Graves and Carmella enjoyed this week off by spending it together. They weren’t on WWE television for good reason, because they had a vacation to get to.

Carmella and Graves have posted some pictures from their getaway in Jamaica and they obviously had a great time. Graves was also well aware of the fact that he gets way more likes when he posts a picture of Carmella with him on social media as he included one post with a caption saying.

Here is a photo of me doing “vacation things.” My girlfriend is not in it. So I am subtracting 100,000 likes.

But, she took the picture. So I think I still win. Also, I am an emoji.

Fans can probably expect Corey Graves and Carmella back on television next week. It has to be hard to say goodbye to paradise, but at least they still have each other even if they aren’t in Jamaica.

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