The Undertaker’s Next Match Is Still Unclear

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The Undertaker is coming back for a couple appearances in the next few months, but what will he be doing?

WWE announced that The Undertaker is appearing at the Madison Square Garden SmackDown Live show on September 10th. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that this appearance had nothing to do with low ticket sales and it was the company’s plan from the start to announce him later.

The Dead Man is not scheduled to wrestle at the September appearance. It was noted that Taker also isn’t slated to be at Clash Of Champions, so this isn’t even getting anything ready on the go-home show before the pay-per-view.

The Undertaker will also be on the October 4th SmackDown debut on Fox. He is not scheduled to be wrestling then either as he is only appearing. Anything can change because they need ratings, but despite how often The Undertaker will be appearing it doesn’t look like he’ll be wrestling.

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