Impact Wrestling Airing Backdoor Pilot For Studio Style Show

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Impact Wrestling has a new idea and apparently, we can get a sneak peek of it this week.

PW Insider reports that this Friday’s episode of Impact Wrestling called “Cali Combat” actually serves two purposes. It will be an episode of their wrestling show, but it will also provide as a backdoor pilot for a new potential “studio style” show.

A backdoor pilot is when creators of a show have an idea for doing a spin-off, so they wrap an episode of their current show around that concept to introduce viewers to the new idea. This has been a tactic television has used for decades, and now Impact Wrestling used it too.

The idea for this potential Impact Wrestling studio show has reportedly been discussed as a secondary series to Impact Wrestling “if and when the Impact series lands on another cable home.”

We’ll have to wait and see what they plan on doing, but it should also be noted that mention was made to Impact’s reaction to NWA’s announcement that they plan on doing a studio series this fall.

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