AEW’s Involvement In CM Punk Booking At Starrcast

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CM Punk is coming to Starrcast during All Out Weekend, but that doesn’t mean he will be at All Out.

Conrad Thompson made it very clear during a recent Q&A for Starrcast III that booking CM Punk for the convention had nothing to do with AEW. In fact, Thompson went on to say that the Second City Savior wouldn’t be at All Out.

Don’t expect CM Punk at All Out, but that doesn’t mean that any pro wrestling company wouldn’t be more than happy to have a conversation with him.

“I want to clarify. This was not a piggy-back booking. I did not book CM Punk through AEW. He is not going to be at All Out. If anyone has that expectation, they are probably going to be a little disappointed, because that’s not how my booking happened.”

“That being said, I’m sure any wrestling company would love to have a conversation with him about him joining their company and that’s not specific to AEW and WWE. I’m sure Ring Of Honor and New Japan and every — MLW — everyone would love to have CM Punk. He’s in a good spot where he gets to call his next shot whether that’s in or out of wrestling and I would suspect that would be the main question that everyone wants to know is: What’s next?”

Conrad Thompson legitimately sounded like he didn’t know whether CM Punk had any plans of stepping back in the ring. CM Punk is still under UFC contract so that might get in the way, but if there’s no interest for Punk to wrestle again then there’s really no point in approaching the question.

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