WWE Superstar Says He Wanted More At This Point In His Career

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WWE isn’t always a game of instant success. Some WWE Superstars grind for years without really getting an honest push. Apollo Crews might know what that feels like.

The Wrap recently spoke to Apollo Crews where he was quite honest about how his WWE career hasn’t turned out as he had first thought it would. Dreams are important to have, and while Crews is off to a great start, at 32 years of age he would have hoped more for himself.

“I wanted to come in here and shock the world, I guess you could say. I felt like I would have done much more at this moment in my career. But I’m still young — I’m about to be 32 in a couple of days — and there’s still a lot of time. I’m still very patient and understanding in how the process works. I trust the process.”

Crews jumped from NXT without spending much time at the WWE Performance Center. Then he remained a bit stagnant, but there is an opportunity around every corner in WWE and he realizes this all too well. Don’t expect Apollo Crews to give up at all, because seems to only be driving him harder.

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