WWE Planning On Reaching Out To Huge Legend For XFL Appearance

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Vince McMahon is going all out with the XFL and depending on how things play out he might step away from WWE for a short time for his new football league.

WWE has a lot of resources and legends are no exception. Brad Shepard reports that the XFL has plans to invite “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to the first Dallas Renegades game. That would certainly create some excitement if they could get The Rattlesnake to show up.

According to a source, WWE legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin will be invited to the first Dallas Renegades game. #WWE #XFL

WWE released the names and logos for their upcoming league today. Needless to say, plenty of people have a lot to say about their picks.

One would think that it would be easier for Steve Austin to make an LA Wildcats game instead since he lives there, but he’s always welcome in Texas.

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