One man that you don’t want to mess with either inside or outside of the ring is Roman Reigns – which is something the man himself has proven over the course of his time in WWE.

The Big Dog has had to deal with a lot of abuse throughout his time in professional wrestling, and it feels like that’s going to continue until the day he retires – because, as we all know, this business is a pretty ruthless one.

In terms of what he does in the squared circle, though, it certainly seems as if there are a handful of superstars lining up to try and knock him off of his perch: including Dolph Ziggler.

As opposed to some of his tweets in the past, this seems like a different version of Roman Reigns. The grammar isn’t exactly perfect, he’s being much more direct, and it seems more ‘serious’ as opposed to being quite manufactured.


It’d be interesting to see him square off with Dolph from a wrestling point of view, but to be honest, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Dolph is a great seller and can put on some world class matches when he wants to, but getting a win over him doesn’t mean that much anymore.

Yes, he’s still a former world champion, but Reigns has been there and done it with the best of them. Then again, you could argue we’re looking too much into this, and that we should simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

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