Cody Rhodes Accepts Invitation To Help Make A Television Show

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All Elite Wrestling said that they will always have a spot open for Stephen Amell. Now it looks like Amell will be plenty busy, but it’s not like he’s leaving the pro wrestling world entirely. Because the former “Arrow” star will now be a lead character on the Starz show “Heels.”

We previously reported that AEW said that Stephen Amell will always have an open door for him if he wants to join them. On the morning that news broke concerning Amell’s new show, he tweeted out an invitation to Cody Rhodes.

Hey @CodyRhodes — wanna come and help me make a tv show?

It didn’t take Cody Rhodes long at all to reply saying: “Congratulations! and yea, of course.”

It looks like Stephen Amell might have some guest spots available on his new show for Cody Rhodes. Let’s just see how many other AEW stars might be able to find a place on Heels as well.

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