WWE Reportedly Trying To Change How They Film Backstage Segments

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WWE has experienced some issues with backstage segments recently and they might have figured out a solution.

There have been a few backstage botches with live segments in recent weeks. From Superstars messing up lines to even bigger issues, WWE’s idea to run backstage segments live hasn’t really worked out for the the best.

Brad Shepard reports that WWE is going to try to start doing more pre-taped segments backstage. This should cut down on some of the bigger issues.

I’m told over the weekend there was discussion of having all backstage, live-action segments be pre-taped going forward, to avoid the glitches seen in the car crash and the #SDLive ending.

Let’s just see whether WWE’s idea to run pre-taped segments will actually work. Because they need to have the script written before they can film a segment. This strategy doesn’t really work very well if they are changing plans right before the show is supposed to go live on the air.

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