Why Vince McMahon Wanted WWE NXT On USA Network

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WWE has relied on their NXT brand to get some good attention on them. Now Vince McMahon is sending that brand to war.

Dave Meltzer explained during Wrestling Observer Radio about why WWE decided to send NXT to the USA Network instead of FS1. They were going to battle AEW regardless, but now they will have a much larger platform to broadcast from.

“I was told why he wanted to go to USA — it’s not a money thing. It’s because he has a better shot at not losing. He doesn’t wanna lose that battle, but the feeling is that like it’s better because wrestling fans are used to the USA Network, they’re not used to FS1 — UFC fans are used to FS1, but it’s not a station that they’re familiar with and this and that and in theory you would think that should only matter for two or three weeks, it actually does mean a significant amount.”

It’s highly expected that this is a done deal. So things are going to be changing a lot in the pro wrestling world and with fans’ viewing habits.

Since USA Network is already an established channel for pro wrestling fans that makes things so much more convenient, but we’ll just have to see if the ratings show it once they are opposite AEW.

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