Ryback Unloads Calling WWE Producer A Thief

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Ryback recently caught a lot of fans off guard when he said that if he sees Pat Buck again then he’ll do some physical damage to him. He also suggested that WWE watch their wallets around him as well.

This was very interesting, but on Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback let everything out as he saw it.

Ryback said that WWE needs to be careful with Pat Buck because “he leaks stuff out and he’s all about money.” It was said that Buck will release things out to different people “on the back end and information will get leaked out.” Although Ryback can’t say that he will definitely do it, it was said that he did it in the past so it could very well be the case.

Pat Buck and Ryback had a podcast together and The Big Guy continued saying that Buck didn’t want Ryback’s name on it. Because Buck allegedly thought that Ryback would eventually go back to WWE so he could have all of the fan following transfer over to his own name.

Ryback also told a story about how Pat Buck would “always steal things” like protein bars and other little items. Then he revealed that Buck was “funneling money” from his grandmother’s bank account to his. When his grandmother moved back to England “he lost his sh*t” allegedly because he lost access to his grandmother’s money. He also alluded to Buck’s father disowning him over this.

Ryback continued like this for a while telling stories about Pat Buck’s alleged dishonesty. You can check out the entire video here.

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