NXT Likely Won’t Leave WWE Network After USA Network Move

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WWE might be moving NXT to the USA Network, at least that seems like the working plan at this point. However, some WWE Network subscribers are worried about losing NXT.

Even though WWE Network might not get access to the live NXT broadcasts if they air on USA Network, the show will still likely be available on the WWE Network with a delay.

As Tom Colohue stated, USA Network will probably want to retain exclusive rights to the live show, but WWE Network is also still a very important tool for the company so episodes of NXT will be available forever.

I can’t imagine a situation whereby a contract with USA would be signed without exclusive broadcasting rights of some degree. Logically, #wwe should maintain the 4 week delay rule.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and hopefully, WWE will reveal things when the time is right. It appears that time might be Monday so keep checking back with Ringside News and we will bring you all of the updates throughout this historic time in pro wrestling history.


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