Roman Reigns Says He Has Plenty Of Big Fights Left In WWE

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Roman Reigns might not be in WWE for the rest of his career in the entertainment business, but he is at least sticking around for a few more years.

The Big Dog recently signed a new WWE contract and although it wasn’t revealed exactly how long he signed on for, it is a multi-year deal.

Roman Reigns was very happy about this latest event in his career and he jumped on social media to announce that he has plenty more big fights left because WWE is his home.

@WWE is my home.
The @WWEUniverse is family.
And I got plentttttty of big fights left.

It looks like Roman Reigns’ next big fight will be against Daniel Bryan at Clash Of Champions. The company needs to get around to making that match official first, but there is likely plenty of time for the conspiracy theories to all point back to The Bearded Goat before the September 15th event rolls around.

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