WWE Reportedly Turned Botched Angle Into Storyline

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WWE has a lot of things going on backstage and sometimes you can’t control everything. This seems to be the case with Roman Reigns’ latest angle with whoever is trying to murder him backstage.

Bryan Alvarez went on a bit of a rant yesterday during Wrestling Observer Live where he seemed to let something very interesting slip. He said that Buddy Murphy was accidentally caught on camera before Roman Reigns’ forklift angle.

He credited WWE for being able to come up with a way to insert Buddy Murphy into the storyline even after eagle-eyed fans noticed that he was a part of the shot. Then later on, Rowan was inserted into another angle that they aired to carry on with the storyline.

Therefore, after seeing the news break online about Buddy Murphy being backstage with Roman Reigns it is said that WWE made the decision to insert Murphy into this storyline. It really seemed to work out for Buddy in the meantime as his first match on SmackDown against Roman Reigns was widely praised.

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