Rusev Sends Cryptic Tweet About His ‘Next Steps’

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Rusev has been absent from WWE television for quite a while, but he’s still doing well. He just hasn’t been wrestling for WWE since taking a little break from the company.

The Bulgarian Brute commented on one fan who said that Rusev doesn’t know what he is doing next with his career. It was said that he doesn’t know what his next steps are, however, Rusev replied back saying that is not true at all.

Oh i know what my next step is.

The interesting part, of course, if that Rusev didn’t say what his next steps are. He only know what his next steps will be.

Let’s see if those steps include him waiting out his WWE contract so he can seek fame outside of the company that he’s been a fan for decades which brought him to America in the first place so he could become a pro wrestler.

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