Becky Lynch Comments On Chair Shot To The Head From Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks made a big return this week on RAW and she took a real beating to Becky Lynch in the process.

One of the chair shots that The Boss rained down on The Man accidentally struck her right in the back of the head. In a day and age where CTE is a constant concern and chair shots to the head are a big no-no this was a very scary moment.

The Man seems to be okay after taking a shot to the back of the skull. In fact, she seems to think that the games between herself and Sasha Banks have only just started.

Let the games begin. #ReceiptsAreComing

The term “receipt” means that Banks needs to watch out because Becky Lynch is about to return the favor in a big way. We’ll just have to wait and see where this one ends up, but Clash Of Champions seems to be a very logical place to assume that The Man vs The Boss could go down.

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