Dash Wilder Sticks Up For Brock Lesnar During SummerSlam Main Event

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The main event of SummerSlam has been and gone, and Brock Lesnar is no longer the Universal Champion after losing his crown to none other than the man he beat for it – Seth Rollins.

The two had a pretty entertaining contest in Toronto, as they brought the house down on what turned out to be a fairly entertaining biggest party of the summer. Some fans liked it and some fans didn’t, but either way, it felt like a big deal.

Of course, some people still aren’t sold on Brock Lesnar as someone who should still be around in WWE, with Dash Wilder of all people taking exception to that logic.


There’s certainly something to what he’s saying, because while Brock may be limited in the ring (or just lazy) nowadays, he still does everything within his power to get the fans talking – and to create a physical spectacle.

Even when he doesn’t look like he’s trying that hard, he’s still managing to ragdoll his competitors around the ring with relative ease. Sometimes that translates well to the big screen and other times it doesn’t, but either way, we’ll all continue to tune in to see it despite what some fans may have you believe.

The Revival are never afraid to give their opinion on what’s happening on WWE television, and after a SummerSlam that didn’t feature any main card tag matches, it feels like they’re going to have quite a lot to say in the next few days.

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