WWE Teases Huge Heel Turn At Summerslam

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WWE is a place where anything can happen. It looks like Finn Balor could be in for a more dastardly change if he takes some old friends up on their offer.

The OC walked up to Finn Balor backstage before Summerslam tonight. They were covered in gold and Balor wished AJ Styles the best in his match against Ricochet tonight.

Then AJ Styles extended an offer to help because Balor is the one who will need luck in his match against Bray Wyatt. The OC left their offer open to join them as they brought up a Too Sweet. Finn Balor didn’t Too Sweet them back, but it was certainly tempting.

We’ll have to see what happens, but Finn Balor was reportedly scheduled to take some time off after Summerslam. So if The Fiend destroys him at Summerslam then he might be in for a couple of months worth of vacation anyway.

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