WWE SummerSlam 2019 Results

Trish Stratus is backstage with Kayla Braxton. She says she feels great, nervous, and excited, but she thrives on pressure. Her light shines the brightest under the spotlight and the hardest part has been waiting for this night to come. She mentions that Charlotte thinks the women now are better than then, but she says the contemporaries take the real pioneers for granted, and have no idea how lucky they are. She says tonight she proves that Charlotte Flair cannot walk a mile in her boots.

Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring for his match against Goldberg. Ziggler cuts a promo saying we are looking at the best thing to ever happen WWE and pro wrestling. He says legends come and go but old DZ is always here. He says Goldberg doesn’t show-up for matches, so if anyone else back there wants a piece. Goldberg’s music interrupts Dolph and out comes the Hall of Famer.

Goldberg Vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and the fans chant “Goldberg” while he looks around the arena. They walk around the ring, then meet in the centre. Dolph takes a few steps back before connecting with a surprise superkick for a one count. Dolph tells him to get up and hits a second for another one count. He looks for a third but gets caught by a huge Spear!

Goldberg calls for it. He lifts Dolph as the fans chant his name. Goldberg hits The Jackhammer for the win.

Winner: Goldberg

Ziggler gets on the horn after the match. Goldberg is already up the ramp but Ziggler calls him back. Ziggler says that was like getting hit by a baby, and says Goldberg doesn’t have the guts to come back down here. Goldberg, of course, comes back down to the ring and hits Dolph with another Spear. Goldberg leaves and Ziggler grabs the microphone again.

He calls out Goldberg again and says anybody can get lucky twice. He says Goldberg doesn’t have the balls to face him man-to-man, and that’s why he’s a laughing stock in this business. He says he will never stay down, that he’s the best thing going today. Goldberg stomps back down to the ring and lifts Dolph up, who can barely stand. He hits the ropes twice before connecting with a third and final Spear.