WWE Reportedly Moving Toward ‘Unique Stages’ For Upcoming Pay-Per-View Events

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WWE has a lot of money to throw around and it seems like we could be getting some new pay-per-view sets.

WWE sets have looked the same for a while now. Unless they’re in an unusual building or it is WrestleMania, the staging is usually the same. Brad Shepard reports that the company might be moving toward “unique PPV stages” possibly as soon as November’s Summerslam event.

According to a source in #WWE, unique PPV stages are coming back, starting with Survivor Series. #SummerSlam

A lot of fans miss the custom pay-per-view sets that WWE used to construct for each event. It made things feel more special, but they went away from that trend as a cost-cutting measure. Perhaps unique stages could bring some of the special feeling back to their pay-per-view events.

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