Top NXT Superstar Could Be Getting WWE Call-Up Soon

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NXT is a great thing, but the best Superstars usually get called up to the main roster eventually.

Johnny Gargano was applauded in a huge way with his NXT TakeOver: Toronto match against Adam Cole. Johnny Wrestling lost the match, but he was still praised for his efforts.

William Regal came out and gave Johnny a big hug after the match as well and a lot of people saw it as a send-off. Triple H tried to say that it wasn’t a send-off during his post TakeOver teleconference, but it very well could have been.

Gargano was called up before, but he needed to go back to NXT for some unfinished business. Heel By Nature reports that Johnny Wrestling could be getting a real WWE main roster call-up this time around and he is scheduled to be backstage during Summerslam.

Johnny Gargano’s moving to the main roster is imminent, he is scheduled to be backstage tonight at SummerSlam. He is noted to be one of the last “major guys” to move to the roster in the foreseeable future.

Things could be very interesting for Johnny Gargano on the WWE main roster. The real question is how they will use him. He is one of the best pro wrestlers on the planet, but so is Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon misused him for years before finally realizing the Bearded Goat he always had.

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