Former WWE Diva Announces Plans To Delete Twitter Account

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There is life after WWE and Rosa Mendes knows that all too well. Now she is leaving her old personal Twitter account behind.

The former WWE Divas recently sent out notice that she is deleting her personal Twitter account. However, it’s not like she’s going to be totally silent on social media. Instead, fans can follow her other account if they want to keep up with her.

I’m deleting my personal twitter account as well. Please follow @RealTFMama

Fun fact: Rosa Mendes never won the WWE Divas Title, but she did win a Slammy Award in 2010 for Best Use of Exercise Equipment.

It is very interesting that Mendes would ditch her verified Twitter account with 661.8k followers for the Totally Fit Mama account that has 138 followers as of this writing and is not verfied. If she is looking to expand a business then having those 661.8k followers might come in handy.

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