NBA Star Starts Beef With MJF — Says Save Him A Front Row Seat

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Enes Kanter has been training for some kind of professional wrestling involvement and while most thought he was WWE-bound, that might not be the case.

MJF recently took the time to throw some shade at Enes Kanter on social media. What he probably didn’t expect was that the 27-year-old NBA player would actually respond.

Cool let’s go to the most overhyped city in the world.

Speaking of overhyped, @EnesKanter I saw you playing wrestler on my feed.

How about you stick to playing with your little balls and leave the wrestling to the pros.

Or show up oct 9th so i can “bounce” your ass out.

Kanter replied asking who MJF even is. After the NBA player told MJF to “get verified before you talk,” Cody Rhodes provided some words to excuse “Young Max.”

You’ll have to forgive young Max. He’s “passionate”

We’d love to see you in Boston for @AEWrestling

Our mutual friend says you’ve got a helluva [diamond emoji] cutter

Enes Kanter replied saying that they should save him a front row seat for their Boston show because he will be there. It sounds like MJF might have bitten off more than he can chew in this instance. Because Enes Kanter might not be willing to cut him much of a break.

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