WWE Superstar Sends Passive Aggressive Tweet About Summerslam Card

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Summerslam is going to be a very long show, but they didn’t have room for everyone.

The Revival are reportedly not happy in WWE and they have yet to sign new contracts with the company. They also recently lost the RAW Tag Team Titles so they’re off of the Summerslam card.

In fact, tag team titles aren’t even being defended on the show in any way. The Women’s Tag Team Titles were the only ones slated to be defended, but Paul Heyman jumped the gun and held their match early on RAW.

This is why Dash Wilder tweeted out: “Which tag mach are you most excited about this Sunday at Summerslam?” He asked because if you look up the current Summerslam card there are no tag team matches at all.

Anything can obviously change and it very well could judging by Vince McMahon’s ways of always changing things around. However, Peyton Royce replying back with several sad faced emojis really does tell quite a story as well.


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