WWE Considering ‘Abnormal’ SmackDown Show On FS1

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WWE will be moving to Fox, but SmackDown Live won’t air every week on Fox due to previous commitments.

The World Series is a huge ratings draw for Fox so they aren’t losing that revenue. Therefore, as we previously reported SmackDown won’t air one week out of the year on Fox due to Major League Baseball.

Since the fourth week SmackDown is on Fox will run into this scheduling conflict, Brad Shepard reports that WWE is weighing their options on what to do that week.

I’m told #SDLive will either go to FS1 that week or they’ll do a #WWE Network Special Event instead. If they do put the SDLive on FS1 that week, they’re likely to make it an abnormal show to get people to tune in.

WWE has a lot of different options as to what they want to do. Triple H made a point of that while trying to avoid the question about moving NXT to FS1 or splitting NXT into two shows.

NXT will be on FS1 on Wednesdays from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST. You might call that counter programming to AEW, but Triple H addressed that idea as well.

With FS1 available for extra WWE, we could see a lot of things pop up on there over the next five years. Apparently, that includes figuring out what to do during the World Series.

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