Natalya Calls Becky Lynch ‘A Selfish B*tch’

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Becky Lynch loves a good online fight, but Natalya isn’t afraid at throwing a ton of internet shade as well.

Nattie returned fire to a clip of Becky Lynch calling her selfish. This didn’t set too well with the Queen Of Harts so she really pulled off the censor button.

… I’m not a selfish bitch like you, Becky. It’s more than ok to help others. And I won’t change who I am inside for you or anyone else. But I will kick your ass on Sunday and tap you out. I’ll show you what a “good girl” I really am. #andnew #SummerSlam

This “good girl” gimmick for Natalya might get tested because she will have to dig deep to beat Becky Lynch. The Toronto crowd is likely to cheer for Nattie in a big way, but you can never discount The Man’s popularity as she claims to be Canada’s New Hero.

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