Kevin Owens Talks Making The Stunner Unique To Him In WWE

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WWE has given out a couple of classic finishers to current Superstars recently, but they might be over with that trend now. It didn’t stop without Kevin Owens receiving Steve Austin’s famous Stunner.

Kevin Owens recently spoke with the New York Post where he discussed his variation of the classic Stone Cold Stunner. He wants people to be happy every time he hits the famous move. In the end, it is exciting and that’s what he wants people to feel.

“Every time I hit it, people are partying, and that’s what I’m looking for.” 

“This feels different than what I’ve done for a while now. And it feels rejuvenating and exciting, which is always what you want in wrestling and also, I’m having a pretty good time.”

Kevin Owens will probably be dishing out plenty of KO Stunners at Summerslam because you never know who could show up to assist Shane McMahon in his match this Sunday. Either way, Owens hopes to pop the crowd each time he jacks someone’s jaw with his own take on the Rattlesnake’s legendary finisher.

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