Johnny Gargano’s Medical Condition Before WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto

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Johnny Gargano is set to take on Adam Cole in an NXT TakeOver: Toronto match where the betting odds say Dave Meltzer will give it five stars. Therefore, those two have a lot to live up to, but will Gargano be ready?

Johnny Wrestling has gone through a lot of abuse and he’s been sitting out of the ring a little recently. Therefore, Triple H addressed his condition during a recent teleconference.

“He’s fine. Without me getting into medical details of people because I can’t, it was a little lingering thing that if… it’s one of those funny things that in the athletic world, you go, ‘This is sort of nothing.’ … This is just one of those little things where I was like, ‘Let’s take you off of some stuff, even though you’re fine because I don’t want this to become something more than this is.'”

“It’s cleared up and he’s totally fine. It’s just one of those little things that you don’t want to take a risk of becoming something more than it is. Not because it’s a serious thing that could be career-threatening or anything like that, but just because then if you do get to the point, now you do have to take a significant period of time off to get this thing to shut down totally, to be able to have it heal 100%. It was more precautionary than it was anything else, but I would rather take that precaution now, than have it become something more down the line.”

Gargano will have a tough night ahead of him against Adam Cole because in the 2 out of 3 falls match we’re guaranteed to at least have a street-fight in Toronto.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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