WWE is the #1 pro wrestling company on the planet, but there is life after leaving the company.

Jimmy Jacobs is happy to be out of WWE and he was not afraid to tell Chris Van Vliet all about it. He admitted that he doesn’t even watch RAW anymore because he’s not obsessed with wrestling like he needed to be.

“No, [I’m not watching RAW]. The only wrestling I watch is Impact Wrestling. Part of it dude is I’m not obsessed with wrestling anymore. I have a healthy relationship with it because I lean into the things I like about it and I back off of the things that I don’t. Like, I don’t want to watch it every week.”

We previously reported how Jacobs came down on WWE for creating an unhealthy work environment. He really believes that as well.


He was fired over taking a selfie with The Elite as they did their RAW Invasion video across the parking lot. It was all in good fun at the time, but Jacobs says that he got fired because he stopped worrying about getting fired all of the time.

All in all, he is grateful to be out of WWE because of all the extra weight it obviously lifted off his shoulders.

“I’m so grateful to not be in WWE. It’s nothing against WWE — I’m grateful for the time I had there. It was life changing and changed my life and brought me on the path that I am on now and has allowed me to work here [Impact Wrestling] and be someone who they reached out to to come and help them out.”

“WWE was such an integral part of the journey that I’m on right now so it’s great, but yeah man I don’t miss that place even for a second.”

“When I did it [take the photo] I knew it might make some people upset, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t to not get fired anymore because for so long I was there just trying to not get fired.”

“At that point I was like ‘I don’t care, they have Jimmy Jacobs, and what comes with that is whatever comes with Jimmy Jacobs. […] I think Vince had a problem with that in general like I wear a suit and tie, but my tie is pink it’s like ‘God, he dresses so gimmicky.’ You know it’s stuff like that, I can’t please the crazy man. So I don’t know how I got fired, but I’m guessing it was brought to his attention and I’m guessing he took it as a sign that ‘Here’s this guy, he’s trying to get himself over again, he’s out.'”

“They did for me what I could have never done myself. I could have stayed there another ten years and been miserable and hated life — just like most of the writers. I don’t want to speak for them, but there’s a lot of unhappiness there. So they did that for me, man. I was blessed by being fired.”

Jimmy Jacobs seems to be very happy, but maybe that’s because he’s not worrying about Vince McMahon yelling at him all of the time anymore.

Working for WWE is a dream come true and can help create amazing contacts in the business, but it can also be a draining nightmare which Jacobs is all too familiar with as well.

“I had to go, look, maybe I don’t know anything. All the ways I was living, I just just don’t know at all. Because these things that I thought were great pillars of my life like ‘follow your dreams’ and I go, ‘what doesn’t that mean follow your dreams?'”

“Here I am working for WWE, unhappy, surrounded by guys that are millionaires that are unhappy there and I got, ‘what a minute? We go through all of our life climbing to the top of this mountain and I’m looking up and going, ‘There’s nothing up there, man there’s nothing at the top of this mountain.'”

Jacobs continued discussing how psychedelic drugs really helped him out. He credited LSD to opening his eyes the first time he took it in 2015. It was at that point when he realized that society doesn’t have to be one certain way and “the only thing anyone has to do is die, everything else is up to you.”

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