WWE Summerslam Card Is Reportedly ‘Completely Fluid’

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WWE seems to have had some trouble getting their Summerslam card together. Of course, by “WWE” we’re usually talking about Vince McMahon because he alone really books these things.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that the Summerslam card is “completely fluid” at this point which means it is very flexible and could change. This is obvious by how Vince McMahon decided to hold a couple of matches early. However, there is still a possibility that more matches could also be added.

“I was told that the card is completely fluid because right now there’s eleven matches. There could be matches taken away, matches added. The only thing is I don’t expect of the eleven [we have] they’ll take away, but Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander is still as far as I know still on the card, but not announced. Who knows?”

Things are a bit more difficult when you’re dealing with a man who changes his mind so often. It can get rather frustrating as a fan, for sure, but just imagine just how much more stressful it is for those whose livelihood relies on the decisions that Vince McMahon makes.

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