WWE Hall Of Famer Says Dolph Ziggler Should Beat Goldberg At Summerslam

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Goldberg vs Dolph Ziggler is happening at Summerslam and WWE has various reasons as to why this match is happening. However, if it was up to X-Pac, Ziggler might need to score the pinfall.

The WWE Hall Of Famer spoke about this match on his X-Pac 12360 podcast where he explained how giving the win to Ziggler in this instance would be a great way for the company to show their appreciation for his continued hard work.

“Goldberg got a good reaction coming out, so that’s a good sign. That means this very well may work as designed. It’ll be really good, as long as people dig it.”

“I would like to see Dolph win this. I think that would be a good gesture. Since this is a work and everything, and one shouldn’t have too big of an ego, maybe it would be good to give back to the business and leave Dolph better off than when he started this.”

We previously reported WWE’s reasons for placing Dolph Ziggler in the first place so it doesn’t seem like they are going that direction. However, there are reportedly people pulling for Dolph Ziggler to win and Sean Waltman seems to be one of them.

Even though X-Pac isn’t a part of the current WWE Creative system, he still has a lot of experience in the

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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