WWE Could Be Preparing For Big Reveal At Summerslam

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Summerslam is this Sunday and fans are buzzing about the event. However, they might not be buzzing in the best way possible.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon apparently just lost track of time before Summerslam. Therefore, he didn’t have room in the story to get to an actual match between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

That being said, WWE is still likely to feature Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan in some way on the Summerslam card.

“I can’t imagine them having a Summerslam and not having Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan on the show at all. So I mean they’re not gonna wrestle, but they may do the reveal or something like that on the show or something. Obviously, they’re gonna continue with the angle and it’s gonna lead to something you know, on the following pay-per-view, I guess.”

“So that angle is going and they lost their timing on it and now it’s not ready for the pay-per-view.”

It’s pretty crazy to think that Vince McMahon lost track of what date it was. Because Summerslam has been August 11th since they announced the date last year.

Either way, WWE wasn’t ready to have Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan face off against each other in an actual match so we’ll just have to see what they’re ready to do at the biggest party of the summer this Sunday.

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