WWE’s Reported Direction For Daniel Bryan’s Character

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Daniel Bryan is playing an ultimate heel on the level that Samoa Joe is even looking like a babyface in comparison. However, that might only be the tip of the evil iceberg.

We might not get Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns at Summerslam, but Brad Shepard reports that the darkness will continue. WWE’s aim is to turn Daniel Bryan into as vile of a heel as possible. Therefore, Reigns might be lucky Bryan only (allegedly) used a car to try and murder him.

I’m told #WWE is going all out with Daniel Bryan as a ruthless, vindictive, hateful heel.

Summerslam might be a good place for a big reveal, but we’re not really holding our breath when it comes to what Vince McMahon has planned. After all, he is the same man who has broken Eric Bischoff into his new job as Executive Director of SmackDown Live by tearing up the script for the show each week hours before they’re set to go live.

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