WWE Ditching Big Storyline Ahead Of Summerslam

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WWE has a lot of things going on at once, but one storyline seems to have been completely dropped in the frenzy to set up Summerslam.

Daniel Bryan was teasing a career changing announcement for weeks. He even came out a couple of times to reveal what he had to say, but he just turned and walked away each time.

That was frustrating, but what is even more interesting is that WWE seems to have moved on completely.

PW Insider reports that WWE has decided to drop the big Daniel Bryan announcement angle. They could always bring it back later, but at this time it appears to be dead in the water.

There was no mention of this career altering announcement last night on SmackDown Live and it is reported that there was no talk about it backstage either.

For what it’s worth, WWE appears to have nixed Daniel Bryan’s Summerslam match against Roman Reigns as well. Of course, they can do whatever they want in regards to the storyline. This is especially true with the usage of social media because they can announce anything or air any segment at any time of the day.

It definitely seems like WWE could have done a far better job preparing Daniel Bryan for the biggest party of the Summer this time around, that’s for sure.

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