Dave Bautista isn’t the kind of person that anyone wants to upset. Perhaps the manager at this movie theater didn’t get the memo.

Apparently, Batista showed up one minute after the cut-off time to watch a movie and he was turned away. No amount of reasoning with the staff could convince him to change their minds. They have a policy against letting people in late because they don’t want to distract other movie patrons.

To make matters worse, Batista says that the theater was empty except for one of his assistants who was able to get in before them.

@FlixBrewhouseNM Worse experience at a novie theater in my life. Yourr manager Tiffany needs some serious help with her people skills. You’re welcome for taking pictures with all your customers while Tiffany was treating me & @OmariHardwick just like #badbusiness


We were one minute late! With an empty theater! Except for my assistant who was in the theater! Who came out and then was able to go back in!! Policies are policies but how about treating people with some sense of courtesy! In mine and @OmariHardwick s case professional courtesy

Maybe you can protect your guests novie experience by not allowing a photo session in your lobby while being turned away for being a minute late from the theater doors closing. I didn’t mind because I like to treat people with courtesy. But that’s just me.

⁦@FlixBrewhouseNM⁩ literally the trailers hadnt event stopped playing when I texted my assistant that we weren’t being allowed in! That’s just messed up! Thanks Tiffany!! #Badbusiness

But don’t be a minute late or Tiffany won’t let you watch the match! Her catch phrase is #whatsbadforbusiness … she’s not good at the business thing. Or the people skills thing. Or the being flexible with your “policies” when it’s just the decent thing to do thing.

I will never in my life figure out why people say stupid shit like this but hey, you keep being perfectly punctual and judgmental.

I wasn’t mad btw. Just shocked that we weren’t let into a movie that started at 3:15 when we were there at 3:30 and the trailers were still running

We wonder if Tiffany, the manager at the movie theater, got a very interesting call from corporate after this little twitter rant from Batista. It just goes to show that not everyone is a fan of WWE and apparently, Tiffany also isn’t a big fan of the MCU either or else she would have probably recognized Drax The Destroyer and let him in.

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