Braun Strowman has been pushed several times only to have his time on top shut down for one reason or another. Some have reported that he’s his own worst enemy backstage. However, he doesn’t need a title to be a top Superstar.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Braun Strowman was asked about him winning a title in WWE. After signing a long extension on his WWE contract he doesn’t see that as a priority right now. Because he still gets a big reaction and says that he has plenty of time to capture a title in WWE.

“But it’s not a necessity right now. I don’t need something to boost my character. I get some of the biggest reactions out of anyone just walking out because of my sheer size and ability. It would be cool right now, but I’m here for the long haul and I have many, many more years of WWE in me. There’s plenty of time.”

Braun Strowman has a lot of potential that has yet to be reached in WWE. Hopefully, with some fresh ideas bouncing around backstage one of them will stick for the Monster Among Men that will help him click with the WWE Universe in a way he hasn’t before.


If anything, Strowman seems to be a happy monster at this point because WWE is certainly paying him well and he is still a force to be reckoned with. He will just have to remain patient as he waits for his next opportunity to grab a brass ring.

Felix Upton

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