Roman Reigns got a little ahead of himself on the set of Hobbs & Shaw when he nearly knocked out a cameraman with a club. Now he’s telling his side of the story.

The Big Dog spoke to E 60 about this incident where he totally owned up to it. However, it should be noted that he feels really bad about it.

“I did my first movie. The star of the movie, some of you may know him as Dwayne Johnson. Some of you may know him as The Rock. I just know him as Dwayne. He’s my cousin, family. Being the new guy, I thought I was gonna have a regular fight scene. But they told me, ‘you’re gonna have a fight scene with Dwayne.”

“We built it up and we finally get to the day [of shooting the fight]. We’re moving in perfect chemistry. At the end of any fight scene, you have that cool superhero pose. We get eye-to-eye, we throw our clubs. Right-back, I know I’m the man. Oh my God….I’m not the man.”


“I hit the cameraman directly in the face. He takes a huge spill. I sprint over to him. I’m apologizing like crazy. Everyone is screaming. I pick up [the cameraman], and no one is looking at me anymore. They’re looking at Dwayne. Only in Dwayne fashion. ‘Roman, I don’t even know why I brought you on this project. I think I gotta fire you now.’ Luckily, the cameraman was a trooper and accepted my apology.”

Reigns’ role in the new Fast & The Furious spin-off could open a lot of doors because the media loves him. Roman said that he might have another five years left of full-time competition, but Hollywood might be waiting. So, beware cameramen everywhere.

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