Paige Is Tired Of People Thinking Her Accent Is Fake

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Paige has spent some quality time in the USA since signing with WWE, but she hasn’t totally lost her accent. If you’ve heard the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion speak then it’s pretty clear where she’s from, but some people are apparently still not buying it.

The Kabuki Warriors’ manager recently jumped on Twitter and informed the world that if one more person tells her that she doesn’t have a British accent then she will inflict a massive amount of violence on them. Okay, maybe she won’t do it for real, but the beating she’s giving them in her mind will be severe.

If one more person tells me I don’t have a British accent I swear to luciferrrr I will.. probably not doing anything. Because I can’t. But just know in my head I’m punching you repeatedly.

It might be hard to believe that someone would listen to Paige speak for a minute and think that she’s not telling the truth about being British. Then again, there are apparently a lot of people out there who believe a number of things that make no sense in the face of evidence that they are 100% incorrect.

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