Nikki Bella Confirms Why She Wasn’t At RAW Reunion Last Night

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Whether you like The Bella Twins or you don’t, there’s no denying the fact that the have had a massive impact on WWE programming over the course of the last few years. From Total Divas to Total Bellas and beyond, they have served as two of the most important female wrestlers of their generation – and you can tell that they’re pretty proud of that.

As such, a lot of fans were pretty disappointed to see that they weren’t on the bill for last night’s RAW Reunion show. Of course, there were also fans who jumped for joy upon hearing that they wouldn’t appear, but such is the nature of the WWE Universe.

For those of you who were wondering why Nikki specifically wasn’t on the card in some way, shape or form, the former Divas Champion has decided to clear up a few things on social media.

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Happy RAW Reunion 👯‍♀️ So bummed @thebriebella and I couldn’t make it Bella Army! I was suppose to be in New Zealand (blog coming soon to our YT channel why I’m not there now) but so excited for the WWE Superstars and viewers tonight for such a fun show! Melina better wrestle!!! 🥰 I have had incredible memories on Monday Night RAW for well over a decade! I wish there was more than 10 slots for photos! I may post another 10! Lol and still wish there were more slots! My incredible memories are endless! Still praying that one day I can make it back, I believe in miracles 😊🙏🏼 And plus nothing would be better than showing The IIconics Who Runs It, And Who Rules It! Bella Army 4 Life! Double Trouble 4 Life! Bellas 4 Life! Haters Gonna Hate, Bellas Gonna Ball! Always! #bellaarmy #bellas #fearlessnikki #briemode #raw #rawreunion

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Throughout her time in WWE, Nikki certainly got better and better in the ring – to the point where she was able to have some really strong matches towards the end of her run.

One such feud that really helped to put her on the map in terms of her in-ring ability came against Charlotte Flair, who kind of took over as the number one female star in the company.

Whether or not Nikki is ever healthy enough to come back again remains to be seen, but either way, her legacy in the business is going to be there for all to see far into the future.

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