WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Results

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Last Man Standing Match
Braun Strowman Vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley tries to attack Strowman as he’s climbing into the ring, but Braun tosses him right over the ropes and out. Strowman slams Lashley into the barricade before sending him back into the ring. Strowman runs and slams Lashley in the corner.

Bobby rolls from the ring, so Braun chases after and tackles him. The referee is counting already and Braun is just watching – not what a monster would do. Strowman runs around the entire ring to build momentum but Lashley connects with a spear on the floor!

Strowman climbs to his feet but Lashley slams him into the announce table, then the steel steps. Lashley lifts the steps and hits Strowman with it. He hits him a second time and knocks him into the crowd. Lashley follows after Braun and hits him with a chair. Lashley beats Braun up the steps in the arena, while the announcers talk about “unsubstantiated rumours” that Strowman has a shattered pelvis and other substantial injuries.

Strowman and Lashley head to the mezzanine area and Braun makes it back to his feet at six. Lashley tosses Braun into a wall before interacting with fans watching nearby. Lashley looks for a suplex on the concrete floor but Braun lifts Bobby in a suplex and throws him into the merch stand. They fight their way back into the arena and Braun beats Lashley down the steps towards the ring.

Strowman tackles Lashley in the crowd but Bobby gets to his feet. Strowman wants a running powerslam but Lashley gets off and spears him through the barricade! Both men get to their feet at 8 and Lashley continues the attack on Braun. He runs around the ring, like Braun, and tackles him over the announce table. Lashley tips the announce table over and onto Braun but he still gets to his feet at 9.

Strowman walks past the timekeeper’s area and into the crowd. Lashley runs, leaps onto the barricade, then jumps at Braun who grabbed him and threw him into a table with foreign-language announcers. Braun punches Lashley around the crowd but Bobby fires back and hits him with a trash can. The brawl rages on and gets a “this is awesome” chant from the Philly fans.

Lashley talks trash from his knees and Braun punches him over and over. They climb the stairs again and Braun hits Lashley with a chair in the back. They’re standing over a small drop and Strowman puts Lashley on his shoulder and jumps off with a powerslam, crashing through the floor. The referee begins counting outside the wall where they fell. Around 7, Braun punched his way through the wall and won the match!

Winner: Braun Strowman

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