WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Results

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We see R-Truth and Carmella backstage. Truth is putting up pictures of Drake Maverick with his 24/7 Championship. He knocks on a door and asks if “Hornswoggle” was in there. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross walk out. Truth bends down to whisper to Alexa but then yells in her ear, asking if she’s seen Maverick. Carmella drags Truth away. Bliss then gives Cross a present, which is her new shirt. Street Profits then walk up and start joking with Bliss and Cross, making fun of their friendship. Cross gets mad and tells them they can watch them become the first-ever Co-Women’s Champions.

WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Championship

2-On-1 Handicap Match

(C) Bayley Vs. Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

The match gets underway with Cross and Bayley, who lock-up. Cross takes a headlock but then they separate and shove each other. Bliss is tagged in and she gets slammed by Bayley. The Champion attacks the arm of the challenger but Cross is tagged back in.

Cross is slammed into the turnbuckles by Bayley. Cross is thrown from the ring, so Bayley goes out and drags her back in. Bliss then knocks Bayley from the apron into the steel steps. Bliss gets Bayley back in the ring, then she and Cross exchange quick tags and stomp the Champion down in the corner.

Cross gets Bayley in a submission in the centre of the ring. Bayley fights back and knocks Cross from the ring. Bayley slides at Cross but the wily Scot traps her in the apron and batters her. Bliss comes and dropkicks Bayley inside the apron as well, then gets her back in the ring and delivers an elbow in the corner. Bliss is tagged again, with Bayley now in the tree of woe, and she repeatedly lifts her up and punches her.

Bayley frees herself and knocks Cross from the apron but Bliss grabs her in a sleeper on the top rope. Bliss hits a double knee stomp, then a handstand knee stomp for a two count. Bliss connects with a forearm but Bayley fires back with a clothesline. Bayley hits Cross with a suicide dive, then beats Alexa into the corner. Cross tags herself in and runs but Bayley hits her, then slams Bliss as well.

Bayley applies a deadlock submission to Cross. Alexa looks to break it up but Bayley dodged her, then applied a submission to Bliss, while still holding Cross in one! Bliss bites Bayley’s hand to get out, then rolls back to the apron. Bayley still has Cross in the submission, so Bliss runs in and breaks it up. Alexa causes a distraction, allowing Nikki to hit a tornado DDT for a two count.

Alexa tags in and looks for Twisted Bliss but Bayley got her knees up. Nikki tags in and jumps at Bayley, who kneed her. Bayley then hits an elbow drop from the top rope to Cross for the win!

Winner: Bayley

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