WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Results

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WWE Extreme Rules 2019 opens with a video package that focused heavily on Reigns and Undertaker Vs. Shane and Drew, including the Crow noise from Sting’s WWE entrance music.

We go live to the arena in Philadelphia and we see McIntyre and McMahon walking backstage before seeing a video of the feud. All four men make their entrances.


The Undertaker & Roman Reigns Vs. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre

The bell rings and we start with Reigns and McIntyre. They come face to face in the ring and Drew throws the first hand but Roman forces him to the corner. Roman is whipped to the corner but fires back with an uppercut. McIntyre hits a huge belly-to-belly and tags Shane, who stomps and punches Reigns in the corner.

Reigns puts Shane in the corner and delivers ten punches, before tagging The Deadman. Undertaker tees-off on Shane and floors him with a shoulder, followed by a leg drop. Undertaker looks to go Old School but Shane hits the ropes to knock him down. Undertaker turns the tables on McMahon and punches him hard and fast, before delivering a stiff clothesline.

Undertaker grabs Shane and this time he does go Old School. Shane tags McIntyre, and he goes nose-to-nose with ‘Taker. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Drew kicks Undertaker but Deadman no sells it. Drew clotheslines him out of the ring but Undertaker lands on his feet and drags Drew out. Undertaker plants McIntyre on the apron and hits a running leg drop before tagging Reigns.

Roman connects with shots to Drew, then a big boot to drop him. Shane pulls the rope down as Roman is whipped towards them and Reigns flies to the outside. Undertaker scares Shane away but McIntyre tosses Reigns into the steel steps. Drew hits a suplex before tagging Shane back into the fray.

Shane and Drew exchange a quick tag and keep Roman grounded. Drew applies a submission but Roman fights out and hits a Samoan drop. McIntyre looks for a tackle in the corner but Roman moves and he hits the ring post. Undertaker and Shane are tagged and The Deadman drops Shane repeatedly. Undertaker hits Snake Eyes, followed by the big boot, then knocks McIntyre off the apron. Undertaker clotheslines Shane over the ropes.

Undertaker takes the lid off the announce table, then looks to powerbomb Shane through it but Elias comes in and breaks a guitar over ‘Taker’s back! Reigns takes the fight to Elias but then he’s caught with a Claymore Kick and knocked into the timekeeper’s area. Elias grabs the handle of the guitar and looks to hit ‘Taker but gets grabbed by the throat. Drew then hits ‘Taker with a Claymore and takes the lid off the announce table.

Elias and Drew put Undertaker on the exposed announce table, while Shane goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow! Drew and Elias get Undertaker to his feet and drag him back to the ring. Shane grabs a trash can and places it in front of Undertaker, while he looks to hit Coast-To-Coast. Shane does the Undertaker throat cut before hitting the move.

Elias is talking trash outside the ring but Reigns comes running and hits a Superman punch to him. McIntyre then hits a Russian leg sweep to Reigns on the floor. Shane, meanwhile, drags Undertaker to the centre of the ring and is about to pin him when he sits up! Undertaker gets to his feet and hits Shane with a Chokeslam, then delivers one to Elias as well. He cuts his throat and McIntyre appears behind him but Reigns comes out of nowhere and hits a Spear! Undertaker then hits Shane with a Tombstone piledriver and that’s that!

Winners: The Undertaker & Roman Reigns

Easily the best match The Undertaker has had in a long time. He and Reigns come face-to-face after the match and you can ‘Taker clearly say “this is your yard”. Reigns’ music then cuts off ‘Takers as they pose together in the ring. Reigns leaves the ring, but Undertaker sticks around, then his music plays again and he poses.

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