WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Results

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WWE Universal Championship & Raw Women’s Championship

Winners Take All

Extreme Rules Mixed Tag Team Match

(C) Seth Rollins & (C) Becky Lynch Vs. Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans

We start proceedings with Becky and Lacey. Evans has “Seth” embroidered across her tights, and bends over to show Becky, who promptly shoves her out of the ring. Lynch beats Evans as she gets back in the ring, so she makes a tag to Corbin.

Seth takes no time in attacking Baron, hitting him with a blockbuster. Corbin leaves the ring and grabs a Kendo stick. He brings it into the ring but Seth dodges it and attacks him, hitting a slingblade. Lacey comes in with a Kendo and goes to hit Seth but Seth catches it. Evans then gets close to Seth and rubs his chest, prompting Becky to crack her from behind with a Kendo stick of her own.

Both Seth and Becky beat Corbin and Evans with Kendo sticks until the heels roll to the outside. Stereo baseball slide and suicide dive by Lynch and Rollins. Back in the ring and a chop to the chest of Corbin by Seth. A forearm by Seth as Corbin goes to the outside. Seth with a suicide dive but Corbin hits him with a chair to the face for a two count. Corbin delivers elbows to the face, then grabs a chair and hits Seth on the back with it. Corbin goes for the cover but Seth kicks out. 

Evans throws another chair into the ring and Corbin sets the two chairs up in the centre of the ring and looks to Chokeslam Seth onto them but the Beastslayer reverses him. Rollins grabs a chair but Corbin hits him with a DDT. Corbin drives the chair into the back of Seth, then wedges it between the top and middle rope. Corbin slams Seth’s head off the chair still sitting in the middle of the ring.

Corbin looks for the out-and-in clothesline but Seth kicks him, then tosses him into the steel chair wedged between the ropes. Seth makes the tag to Becky, meaning Evans is now legal. Both women grab steel chairs and run at each other and swing at each other, with the chair hitting Becky in the face. However Lynch wins the initial altercation, then slams the chair into her back repeatedly.

Lynch gets her back in the ring and hits a bulldog onto a chair. Becky sets a few chairs on top of each other, then hits Evans with a Bexploder onto them. She drags Evans to the corner and sets a chair on top of her, the delivers a leg drop from the middle rope for a two count. Becky goes to the top rope but Corbin comes in with a chair, so Becky hits him with a missile dropkick. Rollins then dives out of the ring onto Corbin, meanwhile Evans sweeps the legs of Becky and hits her with a beautiful moonsault for a near-fall.

Evans looks for the Women’s Right but Becky ducks it and tries to apply the Dis-Arm-Her but Evans rolls her up for a two count. Becky makes a tag to Seth, who grabs a table from under the ring and gets Becky to help him get another. They set both tables up at ringside, but Evans and Corbin throw them both into the barricade.

Lacey and Baron get the duo into the ring and slow things down. They beat them with Kendo sticks, then isolate Rollins and beat him down. Lynch returns but Evans grabs her by the throat and they hit stereo Chokeslams for a near-fall. Evans and Corbin take the Champions outside the ring and look to put them on the tables but Lynch and Rollins reverse into suplexes on the ramp. They put the challengers on the tables at ringside and Becky dives onto Evans with a leg drop, then Seth leaps over them with a frog splash to Corbin!

Rollins gets Corbin back in the ring and looks for The Stomp but Corbin lifts him up and hits a powerbomb, followed by Deep Six for a near-fall but Lynch breaks it up. Evans gets on the apron but Lynch knocks her off. Corbin then grabs Lynch and hits her with End of Days! Rollins is looking on from the corner and he is incensed. He grabs a Kendo stick and beats Corbin with it until it shatters, then beats him with a chair before hitting him with three Stomps in a row for the win!

Winners: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch

As soon as the match ends, Lesnar’s music hits and out comes The Beast with Paul Heyman and a referee. Lesnar slides into the ring and hits Rollins with two German suplexes in a row. Heyman then gives the briefcase to the referee and he instructs Mike Rome to cash it in.

WWE Universal Championship Match

(C) Seth Rollins Vs. Brock Lesnar

The match begins and Lesnar lifts Rollins and hits an F5 for the win.

Winner and New Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar

After the match Lesnar gets his title from Paul Heyman and puts it around his waist. We see replays of the end of the first title match, then the second. Lesnar leaves with his title and his advocate, leaving Seth in the ring and Lynch still laid-out at ringside.

And that’s it for WWE Extreme Rules 2019. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to come back tomorrow for the Monday Night Raw results. Until then, safe travels.

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