AEW Match Policy Could Set Them Apart From WWE In A Big Way

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AEW Fight For The Fallen was a long night of great pro wrestling. Fans were tired, but they were satisfied even after being so exhausted in sweltering Florida summer weather inside a packed amphitheater. Ringside News founder Steve From Florida was in attendance and he can attest to this.

During AEW Fight For The Fallen, fans witnessed the new company display one of their policies possibly without them even knowing it.

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Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW really doesn’t want DQ finishes. There were a couple of matches with blatant interference, but the referee only ejected them from ringside. This decision could go to set them apart from WWE in a big way.

“They don’t wanna do DQs. I mean that’s kinda like the thing. They really don’t wanna do DQs.”

During Fight For The Fallen, there was a trend of someone getting involved with a match only to get ejected by the referee instead of the match being called off. This is likely to continue for AEW.

This kind of idea could not only set AEW apart from WWE who DQs people all the time as a cheap finish, but it might also get really interesting when they decide to actually end a match via disqualification. It also makes you have to wonder what would warrant a DQ in AEW because some interference spots during Fight For The Fallen took place in the ring right in front of the referee.

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