AEW Fight For The Fallen Results — July 13th, 2019

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The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Angelico & Jack Evans vs. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy

Grayson and Evans started thing out before Stu tossed Evans over to Angelico for a tag. Then Uno took the tag and started biting Evans’ ear. Then Evans tagged Jungle Boy who hit an armdrag, a rana, and then a dropkick to Uno.

Uno gouged Jungle Boy’s eyes and then he hit a hanging neckbreaker before Luchasaurus got the tag. Uno turned around and saw Luchasaurus there and there were huge “LUCHASAURUS” chants.

Uno tagged Evans and Angelico tried to hype him up, but Luchasaurus chopped him down before tagging Jungle Boy back in. Then they knocked Evans back to the Dark Order’s corner for a tag.

Jungle Boy kicked Grayson and hit a cutter to Uno on the apron before Grayson shoved Jungle Boy to the outside where Uno hit a slam on the apron and then Gayson hit a senton from the ring to the floor.

The Dark Order kept tagging in and out on Jungle Boy. Uno knocked Luchasaurus off the apron and then Grayson knocked Angelico and Evans off the apron. Uno hit a senton on Jungle Boy for a two count and the crowd popped big when he did.

Jungle Boy hit s desperation spear through the ropes and finally tagged in his dinosaur who kicked Grayson many times. Evans and Angelico jumped in, but Luchasaurus took them down and hit a flipping splash for a two count.

Then Lucha chokeslammed Evans to the floor onto Angelico before Jungle Boy hit a dive. The match continued as Luchasaurus took Uno out and tagged in Jungle Boy with Grayson as the legal man. Grayson came back with double kick that sent Lucha out of the ring.

Evans and Angelico double teamed Jungle Boy and then Uno tried to get involved again, but he was taken out. Angelico hit a bucklebomb on Jungle Boy, but Marko Stunt took Evans out and then he hit a top rope rana on Angelico and the referee threw him out so Lucha tossed him on Angelico. Then Evans took a Gory Special combo, but Uno broke up the pinfall.

The Dark Order tossed Jungle Boy into Lucha and then they hit double sentons for a two count. They they hit a Fatality finisher on Jungle Boy for the win.

Winners: The Dark Order

Adam “Hangman Page” vs Kip Sabian

This match started very slow as they felt each other out. This deliberate pace benefited Page as he clotheslined Kip out of the ring. Then Sabian hit a springboard kick, but Page nailed a haymaker on Kip to stop a suicide dive.

After an exchange in the ring, Kip sent Page out of the ring again and he hit a suicide dive. Then a fan got in Kip’s face so he tried to kiss him which was just amazing and got a huge pop.

They returned to the ring and Kip maintained control on Hangman as he locked in a submission hold. Sabian nailed a diving double stomp for a two count on Page next.

Then Hangman grabbed Kip and sent him into the corner with a German suplex, but neither could get up until the referee’s six count. They met in the ring once again and then Page nailed a rolling fireman’s carry and a standing shooting star press for a two count.

Sabian got up and humped on the apron to hit a springboard DDT on Hangman for another two count. Then Sabian kicked Page, but he just sat up and spit at him before taking a stomp to the knee and another kick to the chest.

Kip reversed a shot off the ropes and nailed a knee before coming off the ropes to get turned inside out with a lariat from Hangman. Kip busted his elbow open early on, but it really started to bleed after taking that lariat.

Hangman laid on the apron and baited Kip down where he missed a double stomp on to have Hangman turn it around with a slam on the apron. Then Page climbed up and hit a moonsault as he sold his left knee in a big way.

Then once they returned to the ring, Hangman page nailed a running powerbomb from the ring to the ramp. Then after Kip was able to make it back in the ring Hangman hit a top rope swinging neckbreaker for another two count.

There are now only three minutes left in this match.

Kip avoided a Dead Eye and went to the apron where he held onto Page’s leg and hit a dragon screw to his injured knee. Sabian hit a springboard rana that Page turned into his own roll up pin, but then he hit a Dead Eye at 19 minutes and 3 seconds into this 20-minute match.

Winner: Adam “Hangman” Page

Suddenly, Chris Jericho jumped out of the crowd and laid Hangman out busting him open in the process right above the eye. This was thanks to a Judas Effect from Y2J.

SCU vs Lucha Bros

The crowd was on fire for The Lucha Bros. Kazarian and Fenix started things out after a shoving match before the bell. Then Penta took the tag as did Sky.

Penta and Sky got in each other’s faces and then Sky pie-faced Penta before he got a Cero Miedo from Penta. Then Penta took his glove off and threw it to the referee, but there was no chop. Suddenly, Sky was taken out with a kick to the chest and then Fenix joined to hit Sky with a Superkick. They went outside and ripped Daniels’ shirt off before Penta landed a chop and then Sky got a chop from Fenix that was just as loud. Then Fenix went for a dive, but he accidentally landed on Penta followed by Daniels hitting an Arabian moonsault before getting ejected from the match.

Sky hit a dive on both Lucha Bros as they were telling Daniels to leave. Then Kazarian took Fenix down with a chinlock and tagged in Sky. Then SCU traded tags in and out as they worked on Fenix.

Fenix hit a Pele kick to get free and tag Penta who came in and cleaned house. Then Penta and Fenix nailed kicked to Sky as they put Kazarian to the corner. They hung Sky in a tree of woe over Kaz and hit a monkey flip senton double team move on them both followed by a double foot stop from the top rope from Penta for a two count.

Kaz fought them from the apron where he hit a guillotine legdrop on Penta before setting him up for a double team stomp, but they didn’t get the tag. Fenix hit a rolling double cutter, but nobody made any pins. Suddenly, Sky hit an ace crusher on the apron on Penta as Fenix climbed up top, but Kaz stopped him and then Sky jumped up to help Kaz hit a DDT from the top rope for a two count.

They continued and Penta hit a Canadian Destroyer on Sky for a two count after Fenix took Kaz out on the apron. Then The Lucha Bros hit a double stomp Penta Driver combo for the win.

Winners: The Lucha Bros

Christopher Daniels came in the ring to check on SCU, but the Lucha Bros got a ladder and took him out with it. Then they set up the ladder in the middle of the ring and Penta asked for a mic. They climbed to the top of the ladder and the crowd chanted “cero miedo.”

Penta cut a promo and challenged The Young Bucks to a ladder match at All Out.

Kenny Omega vs Cima

The crowd was super excited for this one.

These two tested each other and slowed the pace down a bit after a quick start. They traded chops and then Cima blocked a suplex. Then Kenny hit a suplex for a two count.

Jim Ross commented about how they were counter for counter throughout most of this match. Omega hit an elbow drop for another two count. Cima nailed a kick to the guyt followed by a rana to the outside by Omega.

Cima jumped in an kicked him in the face before Omega could do a dive. Kenny drove his knees into Cima and set him up on the top rope, but Cima blocked a suplex from Kenny. Then Cima reversed it and sent Omega flying with a powerbomb.

Omega countered and then Cima countered his counter by getting his knees up on a dive. Cima hit some chops and Omega hit a dragon suplex and Cima blocked a One Winged Angel with a backstabber.

Omega got on the apron and Cima hit a dropkick that sent him into the barricade. Omega slammed Cima’s face on the timekeeper’s table and then Cima reversed a suplex only to hit one on Kenny.

Then Cima hit a double knee drop onto Kenny while he was across the timekeeper’s table which did not break at all.

Cima took it back to the ring and hit two knee drops for a long two count. Then Omega caught a double knees off the top and hit a buckle bomb into a snap dragon suplex and a V Trigger for a two count. Then he hit a perfect driver and another V Trigger before trying a One Winged Angel, but Cima countered and hit a DDT.

Omega nailed a few backhands, but after countering a counter for another counter, Cima brought down his knees into Kenny twice to leave him on the apron. Then Cima brought Kenny’s head down on the apron. The crowd chanted “you killed Kenny” as he got his foot on the bottom rope to break a pinfall.

They traded some stiff claps in the middle of the ring and Omega was wobbly. Cima nailed a dropkick and then Omega hit a V Trigger and a Tiger Diver 98 for a two count.

Omega hit another V Trigger and a One Winged Angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Chris Jericho Speaks

Jericho had Hangman Page’s blood on his hands. Then he got heat from the crowd by calling them “Jerksonville” and “Jack-Offville.” He wants a thank you from AEW, but that thank you wouldn’t mean a damn unless he beats everyone he can. He said that he is the only reason that AEW exists or they have a show on TNT is all because of them.

Then Jericho talked about how much he hated it that the winner of a battle royal gets to face him at All Out. He said that he realizes that he has to beat Hangman or it could mean the beginning of the end of his career. That’s why he attacked Hangman. He said he will become AEW Champion at All Out and he’s going to prove that if it wasn’t from him that AEW wouldn’t exist. He is also going to prove that the Hangman is a little bitch.

Then Page attacked Jericho from behind and officials and coaches all swarmed the ring to try and do a pull apart. The locker room started to empty a little bit to keep those two from each other. Jericho ended up leaving the ring and he was ushered up the ramp. Hangman’s eye was still busted open and bleeding even more.

The Young Bucks vs The Rhodes Brothers

Cody and Nick started this one out. They started with a handshake, but then they got down to business. They kept things slow and there was some countering. Then Nick kicked Cody’s hand away when he tried to shake his hand.

There was more reversing as Nick avoided a crossroads and then Cody ducked under a Superkick. They shoved each other and then Dustin and Matt got in to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.

Dustin soon took a tag and so did Matt where he got clotheslined out of the ring. Then Matt umped up and hit a crossbody block followed by a couple clotheslines. The Rhodes bros were outside of the ring and then the Bucks hit dives on them before they got back in and hugged on the inside of the ring making fun of the Double Or Nothing moment.

Dustin and Matt got in the ring next and Dustin slapped them Nick grabbed Dustin’s ankle and then he hit a facebuster before nailing Cody with a moonsault.

Matt hammered Dustin down in the corner and tagged Nick to hit a double suplex. Nick saved Matt from a neckbreaker and hit a double suplex on Dustin. Then Nick spit on Cody to enrage him more.

Dustin chopped them both until Matt hit a jawbreaker and then they slowed things down which a rear chinlock and then Dustin nailed a spinebuster.

Dustin fended off both Young Bucks in the ring and climbed to the top rope to hit a crossbody on the Jacksons and tag in Cody who started to clean up. Cody hit a dive over the top rope on the ramp to Matt Jackson. Then he tossed Matt back in the ring.

Cody took off his weight-belt and started to whip Matt before putting him on the top rope where he hit a reverse suplex off the top rope for a two count. Matt reversed a move from Cody, but then he took a ring post on a charge before Dustin took the tag to wrap his arm around the post and then he continued to concentrate on that appendage.

Dustin continued to focus on Matt’s arm before tagging in Cody where he did the same. Then Dustin took the tag back eventually where he continued to wear Matt down. He then sent Matt into the ringpost to put him outside of the ring.

Matt was able to hit a northern lights suplex, but Cody reversed it into an armbar. Then Dustin took a bump off the apron and Cody took a back body drop to the ramp.

Matt Jackson hit a spear when Cody got in the ring after that. Finally, he tagged in Nick Jackson who started to speed up the pace in a big way.

Nick called for a Superkick Party, but Cody blocked it. Then The Young Bucks slapped on stereo sharpshooters, but the Rhodes Bros soon returned fire with stereo uppercuts.

Dustin hit powerslams on both Nick and Matt followed by dives on both Bucks on the outside. There were loud “AEW” chants after that.

Then Dustin hit Nick up for the Golden Globes, but Matt tagged himself in to hit a Superkick to Dustin. Cody Rhodes countered a Meltzer Driver and then the hit a double Crossroads, but Matt nailed a senton from the top rope to break up the pinfall.

Soon all four brothers were slugging it out and the referee took a shot to the face. The Rhodes brothers set the Young Bucks up for the Golden Globes which they hit that time which was followed by suplexes for a two count.

Cody went for a dive from the top, but the Young Bucks nailed double Superkicks on him. The match continued and fans started to boo when the announcer said “30 minutes remaining” and there were a couple “fight forever” chants.

The Young Bucks hit Rhodes’ style uppercuts and then The Rhodes hit Superkicks. Nick landed a dive on Dustin and then they set up for the Meltzer Driver on Cody which they hit for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks

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