One thing you can never really anticipate is exactly who you are going to meet on the dating site like this. What happens if you come across another single who you really hit it off with, until you pop the question about their favorite leisure pursuits and hear the words: “WrestleMania.” This means they like wrestling, which is just a spectator sport and therefore nothing to be taken too seriously, doesn’t it? Think again. Wrestling fans often get totally het up about their chosen passion. In some circles, this devotion would be described as an obsession. So how do you survive dating a wrestling fan during WrestleMania?

Show interest

Wrestling fans hate it when people don’t share their enthusiasm for their passion, especially a partner. So the first thing you’ll have to do to get you through WrestleMania season is develop a passing interest in the sport (even if this is, to a considerable degree, manufactured.) When the main fighters march out towards the canvas, playing up to the baying crowds, pretend you really want to know all about them. Who is that guy with the exotic hairstyle and the wall-to-wall tattoos? What’s his signature fighting move? Which one of these dudes is most likely to end up winning the most bouts in this insane competition?

Appreciate what this all means

Okay, you mind find the whole spectacle slightly perplexing and can’t understand why so many people get off on what seems to be a highly choreographed display of physical combat. But never forget how crucial it is to your wrestling fan partner. Of all the competitions, WrestleMania is the event which has been marked on their calendar with the largest X. The average wrestling fan will have been engrossed in various WWE events throughout the year, but they all pale in comparison to this one moment. Football fans have their Superbowl, soccer fans their World Cup. This is the real deal, so far better to get swept away with enthusiasm rather than wishing it would all be over. How real? When John Cena faced The Rock for WrestleMania 28, the pay-per-view total buys reached 1.2 million.

Compensate for mood swings

There’s no doubt WWE wrestling is pure theatre, especially when compared with what goes on in traditional Greco-Roman wrestling during the Olympics. But that’s why it’s so easy for fans to get carried away with the whole spectacle. When your other half is consumed with refereeing decisions or unexpected twists and turns during the bouts, go with the flow. Join in the crazed fist-pumping or screaming at the screen. Soon you’ll find yourself an honorary WrestleMania fan. After all, what’s that old adage – if you can’t beat them, join them?


Leave the green-eyed monster far behind

A lot of the wrestlers clambering into the rings are beefcakes, with muscles bulging where few of us mere mortals even knew there were supposed to be muscles. But many of the competitors are so much more than lummoxes who throw themselves at rivals. Many of the main stars, male and female, are also sex symbols with huge fan clubs, their physiques celebrated in posters adorning bedroom walls the length and breadth of the nation. While WrestleMania fans will ogle and swoon at the objects of their attention, always be aware this is all merely part of the show. The organizers of these events appreciate how readily their audience can be manipulated into adoring these guys. It’s up to you to view this as being no different to the way you react when Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie sashays onto the screen during your favorite action movie.

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