AEW has stated from the get-go that they want to become an alternative for WWE. However, the idea of war is now on everyone’s minds primarily because WWE is seemingly giving so much attention to squashing AEW.

Jim Ross recently appeared on the Steve Austin Show where they had a great conversation. During their talk, Good ‘ole JR brought up how ludicrous it is to consider AEW competition for WWE at this point.

“I get a kick out of some of these amateur analysts, armchair analysts, that want to bring up, ‘Well, it’s gonna be competition.’ ‘Oh, AEW’s gonna be great competition with WWE.’ Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Right now? Maybe someday, they’ll be a competitor. But WWE’s got such a long head-start on everybody. They’ve got that global footprint. You know, it’s a publicly-traded company, they’ve got money! They’ve got huge money from these TV deals. Nobody’s gonna catch WWE, and that should not be anybody’s goal. It sure as hell isn’t mine. I don’t care what they do, I hope they do well. I’ve got friends that work there, and they made me a lot of money and I’m very blessed. But I don’t care man, how they do. It’s how we do [that matters]!”

Perhaps the conversation might be a bit different in a couple of years, but right now there is no comparing the global influence that WWE has to any other company besides Disney. After all, All Elite Wrestling’s television show hasn’t even started airing yet.


AEW is going to present the best pro wrestling they possibly can at an Elite level. WWE will keep providing sports entertainment. If those two worlds ever do start competing then it will be very interesting. For now we’re just hoping for the best all around.

H Jenkins

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