AEW All Out included some stars on the poster for the event. When this happened the IWC lost their minds hoping that this was the tease they were looking for that could mean CM Punk is making an official return to pro wrestling.

We’ve seen Punk show up in a mask and hit a GTS in recent months, but so far he seems to be saying no to AEW. That could always change, but it will be the Second City Savior’s decision.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, The Young Bucks were asked about CM Punk coming to AEW. They both had their own piece to say, but the overall feeling is that when CM Punk decides he wants to make a return then the door is still wide open for him to do so with AEW.

Nick: We’ll be honest. Of course, we would love him to come to our company. At this time, I just don’t think he wants to.


Matt: When he wants to come back to wrestling, it’ll be his decision. 

Nick: Matt talks to him all the time about it but the timing is not right, I guess. 

Matt: Professional wrestling is the most demanding thing in the world. You can’t just find yourself back in it one day and be like ‘okay, I guess I’m doing this again.’ You really have to want to do it and that’s up to him.

CM Punk is notorious for trolling fans to throw them off the track of what he will be doing next. After all, he won the WWE Title when everyone thought he was leaving the company.

An AEW debut for Punk would be a game changer for the young pro wrestling company and a shot in the arm they could really use. We’ll just have to wait and see what CM Punk wants to do.

Quotes thanks to Chris Van Vliet

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