WWE SmackDown Live Results – July 9th, 2019

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SmackDown Tag Team Summit

Big E said this wasn’t what he had in mind when he found out he was in a three-way this Sunday. Yep. Then Big E said after Sunday the New Day will be able to touch their championship tips together. Double yep.

Daniel and Rowan came out next. Bryan chastised The New Day’s jokes. Woods cut them off and brought up how Rowan follows so many people around and he has a problem figuring out from week to week who his daddy is.

Daniel started talking about how everyone makes jokes. Then he started to talk smack about Heavy Machinery so they came out too.

Tucker said that they took Daniel and Rowan to the limit before and they earned their opportunity to get another shot. Otis said: “Cause Tucky, we’re blue collar solid.”

Then Tucky said that they’re going to prove that “there ain’t no party like a blue collar party.”

Xavier Woods vs Daniel Bryan vs Otis

This match looks like someone hit “random” in the character select screen on WWE 2k19.

Bryan left the ring early to allow Woods and Otis to have it out. Just when Otis hit a shoulder tackle, Bryan ran back in and jumped on Otis’ back, but he was thrown off as Woods got up. Then Woods and Bryan tried to hit a double suplex, but Otis turned it around and suplex them both instead for a two count.

Rowan hit a clothesline on Woods. Then Big E and Tucker tossed him over the announce table. Then the referee kicked everyone out. So the match needed to be “reset” so they could go to commercial.

Bryan got a LaBell Lock on Woods, but Otis broke it up. Then Bryan teed off with some Yes Kicks on Otis’ massive frame. Otis hit a slam on Bryan and then Woods tried to DDT Otis, but he was caught and thrown down. Then Otis hit splashes on Bryan and Woods leaving Bryan on the mat so he did the caterpillar spot.

Woods took Otis down with a superkick then he hit a gutbuster on Daniel. Otis got up and caught Woods to slam him down and get the win.

Winner: Otis

Ember Moon was in catering. Drake Maverick was spotted hiding under a table in the shot. Then Mandy and Sonya came in to pick on her. Sonya said losing last week brought them closer. They told Ember to find a tag team partner next week so they can face them.

Aleister Black Opponent Reveal

Black’s challenger is not identifying themselves at this time. The contract is signed. Then Cesaro walked up and sat down in the chair. That match will be happening at Extreme Rules.

They asked Shelton Benjamin if he thought that Roman Reigns was going to beat Dolph Ziggler. Benjamin made a few thinking faces and walked off without saying anything. That must be his new gimmick.

Kofi cut a promo about how he’s going to become one of the greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champions of all time.

Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler

Shane came to the ring with Drew and Elias just to sit at ringside.

Roman Reigns is wrestling in his second main event of the week.

Dolph avoided a Samoan Drop early on and hit a DDT followed by some clotheslines in the corner. Roman came back with an uppercut and then he went out of the ring for a drive by.

Reigns was surrounded by Elias and Drew for a bit. Ziggler distracted him and Drew shoved him into the ring post. Then Ziggler sent Roman into the barricade outside before throwing him back in for a two count.

Ziggler wrapped Roman up with a submission hold and then he kicked Roman back down before strutting a little. He got Roman back up and sent him down with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Drew whispered something to Elias on the outside and they seemed to split up on different sides of the ring. Roman hit a Samoan Drop, but he could not capitalize.

Ziggler went for his DDT, but Roman blocked it and hit some clotheslines followed by more clotheslines in the corner. Then he hit a big boot and hyped the crowd. Elias took a Superman Punch and Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for a two count.

Dolph was gearing up for a superkick, but Roman hit a Superman Punch for another two count. Roman was gearing up for the spear, but Drew pulled him out of the ring. Roman hit an over the top rope dive on Drew and Elias before Ziggler nailed Roman with a Superkick.

Shane got in the ring and Kevin Owens jumped in to hit a Stunner. Ziggler put Roman back in the ring just to take a spear for the loss.

Winner: Roman Reigns

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